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Welcome To My Blog

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2020 | Firm News

Welcome to my new website and blog. In this space, I will comment about legal issues arising in the world of dental malpractice, including information that may be helpful in selecting a dentist and observations about my experiences. This information is primarily for attorneys that may be interested in referring matters to my office for review or assistance with pending matters. It may also be of assistance to potential clients. However, most cases are accepted on a referral basis from other firms.

I accept dental cases involving permanent injuries such as nerve injuries involving pain, numbness, or both; failure to diagnose periodontal disease (gum disease); permanent alterations to the bite or appearance; and injuries that may lead to lifelong care and/or the premature failure of teeth.

Each case is different, and the evaluation of circumstances includes a potential client’s existing oral condition, history of home care and compliance (seeing their dentist regularly), health issues, and other related matters.

Many dental injuries are correctable, although often at significant expense. Implants that were put in wrong and fail or can’t be used can often be removed and replaced or worked around. Although this is expensive, it does not necessarily lead to permanent injury. Damage to or loss of a tooth or a few teeth also typically does not justify the expenses usually associated with litigation.

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