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Notable Successes

Verdict of $750,000 (former record dental verdict)

Bleaching, followed by veneers, followed by crowns to 14 teeth. The Plaintiff alleged that all crowns had open margins. The Plaintiff claimed bad crowns caused her to develop periodontal disease and that there was lack of informed consent for cosmetics. The Plaintiff was never told that work would need to be done periodically and would lead to root canal and potential tooth loss.

Ranalli v. McDermott, DDS, et al. Circuit Court of Cook County No.: 2004 L 008931


Settlement $1,250,000

The Plaintiff developed antibiotic induced colitis (c-diff.) due to unnecessary prescription of antibiotic. Surgery necessitated colostomy.

Irgang v. Staib, DDS, Circuit Court of Cook County 07 L 11947


Settlement $1,300,000

Dentist alleged to have caused or contributed to nitrous oxide addiction.


$1,125,000 total in multiple claims against James V. D’Alise, DDS

Alleged negligent placement of implants.


Settlement $300,000

Alleged negligent crowning of teeth requiring crown lengthening of all teeth.


Settlement $500,000

Loss of all teeth due to alleged failure to diagnose periodontal disease for over 40 years.