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Helping Clients Secure Maximum Compensation For Their Injuries

Within medical malpractice law, dental malpractice is a niche area, requiring a comprehensive understanding of Illinois’s malpractice laws and dentistry itself. Throughout the state, a select few attorneys are qualified to represent clients in these matters. And, within this group, only a handful make dental malpractice their main area of focus.

I, attorney Anthony E. Blumberg, am a member of this elite group. For over 35 years, I have successfully litigated dental malpractice actions for victims of severe dental negligence. Leveraging my insight and network of specialists, I have obtained the largest award for dental injuries in Illinois.

Handling Complex, Catastrophic Injury Cases

At Anthony E. Blumberg & Associates, LLC, I manage all aspects of my clients’ cases, providing my clients with the one-on-one attention they require. I maintain this high level of representation by accepting only catastrophic injury cases. Limiting my caseload allows me to give my undivided focus to these issues.

I represent individuals affected by preventable mistakes that are often untreatable or require extensive medical care. These injuries include:

  • Nerve damage caused by improper extractions, anesthesia errors or other mistakes
  • Irreversible changes in bite or appearance
  • Loss of teeth or jaw fractures due to a misdiagnosis, failure to diagnose or treat dental conditions
  • Complications arising from faulty crowns, dental implants or veneers

Among medical professionals and personal injury law firms, I am recognized as the “go-to” attorney for these complex matters. Lawyers, doctors, dentists and other dental professionals regularly refer their malpractice cases to me because they know that I have the acumen required to take challenging cases.

Whether you are treating a patient who has suffered from a dentist’s negligence or have consulted with a personal injury client suffering from severe injuries, I am ready and available to assess the situation.

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